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Superior Antioxidant Protection for UTIs

greenrule_bottompaddingFollowing Genesis Today’s heritage of premium superfruit products, Cranberry U.T. Complete drink mix powder is a comprehensive formula featuring CRAN d’Or™ cranberry extract plus carefully selected botanicals to support urinary tract health and deliver leading proanthocyanidins (PACs)

Packed with Benefits

greenrule_bottompaddingWith levels of proanthocyanidins (PACs) that surpass the leading brands, our carefully selected botanicals deliver a content of 135mg of PACs per serving, making this concentrate literally packed with naturally occurring benefits.

Full of Antioxidants


crandorA perfect balance for total health and well-being, our cranberry extract comes from an all natural powder containing a special processed blend of 100% whole cranberries from the largest organic cranberry processor in the world — CRAN d’Or. Made with no fillers, excipients, solvents, preservatives, sugars, water, color, flavoring, or flow agents for a 100% all-natural cranberry extract.

Naturally Flavored – Mixes Easily with Water


In addition to its refreshing natural cranberry taste, our drink mix is complemented with Ceylon cinnamon, d-mannose, uva ursi leaf, dandelion root, and corn silk in a mildly sweet powder that mixes easily into a variety of beverages.